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Operator CNC Fanuc

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Operator CNC Fanuc in Olanda

If your work for our organization we can offer:

-A correct and fair salary, in accordance with the CAO/CLA

-0,19 Kilometer allowance (house - work) when you drive your own car.

-Overtime is paid according to our CAO or according to the CLA of the principal.

-Your contribution in accommodation only € 55,00 – 73,10 netto weekly (2018). Depending on age and salary.

-Inexpensive offer for health insurance for only € 22,92 weekly (2018)

-You will get paid your salary every week, started after two weeks.

-Accommodation is safe, clean and appropriate.

-24 hours / 7 days per week available in case of calamities

-You will be free during the Dutch Holidays.

Accommodation and transport

-In the Netherlands you have the choice to make your own arrangements for transport to work and housing.
-But in the Netherlands it is mandatory to have health insurance.
-The collective health insurance of Hagrip Detachering also covers your own risk.
-That means, you don’t pay the first Euro 350,00 (2018) out of your wallet or get it reimbursed.

- If you can/will arrange your own accommodation, we will provide you with some tips.
- If you decide to option for housing by Hagrip Detachering, you should only bring bed and bath linen with you.
- You will sleep in a room for 1 or 2, and the house will be furnished. Sometimes it is possible you live in a hotel or in B&B.
- We take care of the maintenance, but the residents of our houses need to keep them clean themselves.

- We always try to find accommodation within 35 km from the house to your employer.
- You can drive your own car and you will received a compensation of Euro 0,19 from your accommodation to your employer, with a maximum compensation Euro 13,30 (70 km) a day.
- When the distance from the accommodation to the workplace not more is than 8 km you can travel by bicycle.
-The using of the bicycle is free, but you will have to pay a Euro 125,00 deposit. But when you choose not to drive with your own car or use the bicycle, you have to choose to rent a car from Hagrip Detachering. Ask us about the conditions.

Hagrip Detachering in short, if you choose Hagrip Detachering, you will be treated as a co-worker


Contact: Hagrip


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